American presidents like to refer to the White House as “the people’s house,” and over the past two centuries, a surprising number of uninvited people have made their way in.

The best movies leave you thinking about them long after the end credits roll. Some films marinate in the mind more than others, spawning fanciful theories and intriguing ‘what ifs’ from their dedicated fans.

A classical music riot is violent, disorderly behavior (a riot) that occurs upon (usually) the premiere of a controversial piece of classical music.

“The band nearly broke up with pretty much every album after Reckoning. It is not easy to be in a band.”
— Michael Stipe, interviewed by Zach Schonfeld

Getting some work done with Josh.

The Way Way Back (2013)

Recently watched: the kind of movie that you feel like you’ve seen hundreds of times before, but it just about manages to be inventive enough to stay interesting… and Sam Rockwell is good value.

“At one point, the big felt-tip mark used to count for something. Then it was all ‘Let’s Sky+ this’ and ‘Oh it will be on again on ITV2 anyway’. Like Lord Grantham, I have felt the winds of change, and they are icy.”